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The last addition is the last addition of the Bicknell Independant. 

I just read it and on the front page it read that it was finished after 14 years and on the back page it wanted me to buy a years subscription.

True to form it appears that it has left us with the front page dedicated mostly to Vincennes and not Bicknell.

On the other hand I'm sorry to see it go as it was an asset to our town.

John R. Stanczak

Houses for rent or for sale call 812-899-1690

Call 812-899-1690 

2 bedroom with a family room that can be made into a bedroom with 1 bath.

(Two views shown above). Call 812-899-1690 


3 bedroom and a bath and a half. (Sold)

Call 812-899-1690

David Joseph Simpson whose stories appeared on this website

 David Joseph Simpson, 77, of Vincennes, Indiana and Newport Beach, California passed away on Saturday, August 30, 2014 in Newport Beach.

David was born January 6, 1937.

Parents where David M. and Margaret "Margo" Simpson.

Graduated from Lincoln High School in Vincennes, Indiana.

Graduated from Indiana University in 1962 where he was a proud member of the SAE fraternity.

David retired in 2002 from the State of California in human resource development.

After retirement David returned to Vincennes Indiana where he was self-employed and active in his community and alumni groups.

David will be missed by friends and family.

Indiana Early Voting

Early voting starts October 7, 2014 and runs through Monday, November 3, 2014 at NOON. Registered voters may vote in-person, or send an absentee ballot by mail.  For more information on early voting in Dubois, Gibson, Knox, Pike, Spencer, or Warrick Counties, visit our blog The Briefing Room.

9/08/2014 Bicknell City Council Meeting Minutes

See attached to read council minutes.

Bicknell Budget meeting 8/18/14

See attachment to read meeting minutes.

Bicknell Board of Works Meeting 9/8/14

See attachment to read minutes.

voter registration information or register to vote

visit to update their voter registration information or register to vote. The deadline to register or update voter registration information is Oct. 6.

New business' on Main Street Bicknell?

I read in the Vincennes paper the other day that a real estate company is moving in on Main Street soon; isn't the real estate company actually Ron Ackman who is moving into the building he purchased on Main Street a while back or is it a new business? If the mayor was talking about Ron Ackman's business then we are talking about an existing Bicknell business who is simply moving about a block to relocate on Main Street; which is good for him (Ron) but does little for the city of Bicknell without other business people purchasing and opening. A new business in my mind is a business that is not already located in Bicknell.

I question the mayor's plans for Bicknell when he is simply tearing down Main Street buildings via grants and I wonder what the Mayor's plan is to re-develop Main Street aside from new sidewalks and street lights which makes little sense if there is no buildings to place the walks in front of or buildings to use the street lights to light the way for people who are not going to shop in the vacant lots left after the destruction has been completed.

I understand that the mayor has spent a lot of money to purchase plans for the downtown area but there seems to be more tear down than plans for construction so far. It seems that at the rate that the city is moving forward something should be visible by the year 2030. I've looked at the plans several times and have attended meetings when the out of Towner’s were selling their ideas for a lot of cash and I have yet to see the benefit for the residents of Bicknell who are still paying the most tax in the county and the highest water and sewer bills. I read in the council minutes that they are looking at Boston street for new homes and that the city clerk believes that the Stanczak's live there, well she is wrong we only own a couple of houses there and yes Raymond Hooten does live there. Of course I also read that they are more likely to build new houses out where people passing by can look at them rather than where they may be needed. I don't actually blame them for if I was mayor or part of the council and had not actually accomplished anything in nearly 8 years I'd be looking around for something that I could point at and the most people could see. Yes the gazable with music was my plan 12 years ago including the parks as well.

John R. Stanczak

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