Bicknell Board of Works Meeting 9/8/14

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New business' on Main Street Bicknell?

I read in the Vincennes paper the other day that a real estate company is moving in on Main Street soon; isn't the real estate company actually Ron Ackman who is moving into the building he purchased on Main Street a while back or is it a new business? If the mayor was talking about Ron Ackman's business then we are talking about an existing Bicknell business who is simply moving about a block to relocate on Main Street; which is good for him (Ron) but does little for the city of Bicknell without other business people purchasing and opening. A new business in my mind is a business that is not already located in Bicknell.

I question the mayor's plans for Bicknell when he is simply tearing down Main Street buildings via grants and I wonder what the Mayor's plan is to re-develop Main Street aside from new sidewalks and street lights which makes little sense if there is no buildings to place the walks in front of or buildings to use the street lights to light the way for people who are not going to shop in the vacant lots left after the destruction has been completed.

I understand that the mayor has spent a lot of money to purchase plans for the downtown area but there seems to be more tear down than plans for construction so far. It seems that at the rate that the city is moving forward something should be visible by the year 2030. I've looked at the plans several times and have attended meetings when the out of Towner’s were selling their ideas for a lot of cash and I have yet to see the benefit for the residents of Bicknell who are still paying the most tax in the county and the highest water and sewer bills. I read in the council minutes that they are looking at Boston street for new homes and that the city clerk believes that the Stanczak's live there, well she is wrong we only own a couple of houses there and yes Raymond Hooten does live there. Of course I also read that they are more likely to build new houses out where people passing by can look at them rather than where they may be needed. I don't actually blame them for if I was mayor or part of the council and had not actually accomplished anything in nearly 8 years I'd be looking around for something that I could point at and the most people could see. Yes the gazable with music was my plan 12 years ago including the parks as well.

John R. Stanczak

Bicknell Police Report

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Thursday Church Bicknell

Upcoming events: September 4th "1 Year Anniversary (Free Drinks & Cake)(Featuring: God's Not Dead" September 11th "Patriot Day Community Service" (We will have music, a special guest speaker who helped with the aftermath of 9/11, and we will pray for our local hero's from Fire and Police Departments.) Pastor Jason Walsh, 114 South Main Street, Bicknell IN

Adams Family Harmony Music Festival Yesterday (Sun, 24 Aug 2014)

Adams Family Harmony Music Festival Yesterday Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 07:29:51 -0400 Yes it was hot and humid at St Francisville yesterday but the good music by Barb Adams Allender and her family and the guest talent on display was fantastic and a great time was had by all. With a barn for the stage and benches and some shade trees we managed ok. We was our Vincennes Contra group who were invited to be a part of their program and we were able to do a few dances for the audience with the help of a gentle breeze and some minimal shade. But it was still fun as it always is. Some of our Contra dancers The Lidner Kids took part in the talent contest and took second with a $75 prize doing song and dance skits. Kind of reminded me of Dick Van Dyke and friends talent. :-) We are still in the process of getting a new year of scheduling dances with the Old Town Players Theatre in Vincennes. You will be notified. Ron Ackman

Country music festival

We have been invited to come and enjoy the music this Sat Aug 23 at Johnson Farms about 5 miles west of Hwy 1 and St Francisville IL. Starts around noon with lots of great music and we want to all be there by 2 pm their time (3 pm EST), Admission is $5 but if you say you are with the contra dance group admission is free. The Ron Linder family plan to be there to dance and when they dance it is always fun. I'm sure we will have several to jump in with us. Hope to see you too. Ron Ackman

This is what I was told

Today I was told a couple of things, first that the sewer plant is paid off and the complaint is why are we still paying such high rates; whether or not this is true I do not know at this time but the question is a fair one; also if the plant has been paid off in about 10 years when we apparently signed a 20 year note why wasn’t our rates set at about ½ our current rate? I guess that only ex-Mayor Tom Trowbridge knows the answer. I was also told that Bicknell Police Officer Terry Stremming and business owner Rod Mullins are both planning to run for Bicknell Mayor at our next election.

Third Annual Harmony Fest

Ron, I've been working on getting the word out about our festival. We are very pleased with the positive response from the Vincennes area contra dancers who plan to participate. It all kicks off at 12 noon on Saturday, Aug. 23 with a bagpipe group. "The Adams Family" is at 1 p.m. Doug Hawf's group plays at 4 p.m. If you know a certain time you will come, I can get it in the papers. You are welcome at any time I said, there will be music! Those who will be dancing will need to let those at the gate know so they are not charged the $5 to get in. Many Thanks! Barb
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