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The Story of the Stanczak Brothers Baseball Team: Baseball's All Brothers World Champions (2021)

Musings... An Old Man's Recollections of Life's Events (2022)



John Stanczak has authored two books, The Story of The Stanczak Brothers Baseball Team: Baseball's All Brothers World Champions (2021) and his latest work Musings... An Old Man's Recollections of Life's Events (2022). The first accounts for his father's and his uncles' accomplishments, on and off the baseball field. A venture undertaken at the constant pleadings of his children, who felt the story should be told.            


After a brief layoff from writing, he felt compelled to try his hand at it again. In his new Musings undertaking, he provides a compilation of snippets centering around life's experiences.


He has no background that qualifies him to author a book, and the "D" and "C" grades he garnered in Elementary Grades and High School did not make him a likely candidate to endeavor to do so.


Understandably, baseball was always important in his family growing up. He even had tryouts for the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. He hit a homerun during the tryout, but unfortunately it was not enough to earn him a contract. But he had the opportunity to meet several famous ballplayers over the years, and even played against some of them, including the great Willie Mays. He played baseball in the army during the Korean Conflict, until he was seriously injured in a collision with another player while attempting to catch an infield

pop-up. That ended his baseball playing days.


Over the years since then, he has been a serial entrepreneur. He owned a bowling alley together with his brother Jim in their hometown of Waukegan, Illinois. Moving on from there, he owned a group of fast-food restaurants in northeast Arkansas, followed by a golf business in Florida, and a window treatment business in Tennessee. He finally retired at the ripe age of 82 and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with the love of his life.


Nearing the age of 92, a decision is pending as to whether he should embark on authoring a children’s book (stay tuned for more info).

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The Story of the Stanczak Brothers Baseball Team: Baseball's All Brothers World Champions

The story of the most famous all-brother, semi-pro baseball team of all time began when Mary and Martin Stanczak were forced to flee their Polish homeland for America. They settled in Illinois where, like many immigrant families, they raised a large family-eleven children, ten boys and one girl. Those ten boys became a regional baseball powerhouse. This book recounts the history of the development of the Stanczak All-Brothers baseball team and details some of their more significant achievements, including their victory in the All-Brothers World Championship of 1929.


The book also includes some personal reminisces of the author from his own baseball-playing days and provides some highlights about the impact of the two World Wars on the game of baseball in the United States. It is a fascinating glimpse into three very American topics: the role of family, the immigrant experience, and how baseball brought Americans together.

Musings... An Old Man's Recollections of Life's Events

After a short period, Maggie came out with a tray of delectable and appealing-looking food. It emanated the most heavenly aroma that a hungry man could ever hope to inhale. She placed the food on the French Bistro table, which served as the main meal table. She glanced over at Stan, who appeared to be in deep thought. She proceeded to inquire as to what he was thinking. She received the usual answer, "Oh, nothing," which was not the fact, because his mind was focusing on a cold and wintry day on the shores of Lake Michigan. Why, on such a beautiful day as this, was his mind migrating to the wall of ice piled high by the cold wintry winds that caused the surging waves to freeze into a solid wall? It presented an eerie picture of an incident he and his friends experienced on a day in times past.  

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